Bekah has always loved working with animals, and loves the wide array of species she gets to see each day at Alpine. She loves learning about each species’ needs, and then helping educate owners on how best to care for their beloved animals. She loves developing relationships with our clients, and partnering with them to give the best care possible to their furry, hairy, or scaly babies.

At home, Bekah has a litany of species herself. She has two dogs; a Shih Tzu named Gizmo, and a Mini Aussie-doodle named Charlie, a cat named Jinxy, and a guinea pig named Finn. She and her husband are still holding out against the kids, who desperately want to add a snake and a bearded dragon to their collection of pets.

When Bekah’s not working, she’s spending time with her four kids and her husband. Together, they love spending time outdoors; hunting, camping, and horseback riding. Bekah loves watching her kids do what they enjoy, and spends a lot of time supporting them in their endeavors. If she’s with her family, she’s happy!