We Change Lives

Caring for animals is not a profession, it is our calling. Our mission is to honor the bond between our clients and their animals – whether that animal is a member of the family, a working companion or your livelihood. Our compassionate and knowledgeable health care team achieves this through partnering with you to deliver cutting edge medicine and surgery. Together, we strive to create a happy, healthy and productive life for your pet and to enhance your relationship with them. Now, meet the team by your side.


We Change Lives

Caring for animals is not a profession, it is our calling. Our mission is to honor the bond between our clients and their animals – whether that animal is a member of the family, a working companion or your livelihood. Our compassionate and knowledgeable health care team achieves this through partnering with you to deliver cutting edge medicine and surgery. Together, we strive to create a happy, healthy and productive life for your pet and to enhance your relationship with them. Now, meet the team by your side.


“We learn. We push. We grow. This is a team that embraces innovation. Our mission is to take patient care to new heights. And we can’t wait to do it for your pet.”



Dr. Long is Alpine Animal Hospital’s medical director and has been part of the team since 2018, although his veterinary medicine journey began long ago. He grew up with a deep love for animals, and his poor parents were continuously surprised with a smuggled addition to the growing herd. While working for a veterinarian at age 16, Dr. Long became convinced he could make the most difference in animals’ lives through practicing veterinary medicine. Guided by many mentors, he now believes he has found the perfect place in veterinary medicine. He joined Alpine Animal Hospital straight out of school, and by working hard, adhering to the best medicine, and creating a bond with clients and patients, Dr. Long found his home.

At home, Dr. Long has a herd of five—two dogs and three cats. His wife, a pharmacy technician at Portneuf Medical Center, has been his rock through several states for education, hard days, harder cases, and sleepless on-call nights. He chalks up his success to his wife’s unwavering support.

Like Dr. Lundquist, Dr. Long is an avid fisherman, with being out-fished by his father his biggest fear. His other passion is singing, despite not always being the best—our veterinary technicians who get stuck doing a Cesarean section at 3 a.m. with Dr. Long will tell you earplugs are a necessity.

Alpine Animal Hospital is fortunate to have Dr. Long, who is an excellent veterinarian with tremendous plans for the hospital, including expanding the number of next-level medical services we provide, continuing to grow, and providing more top-of-the-line medicine.


Dr. Haymore didn’t fall in love with veterinary medicine until after he had graduated from college and was considering human medicine. Growing up, he was his family’s animal person, and raised racing and show pigeons, gerbils, and different lizards. After settling into Alpine Animal Hospital in 2010, he realized he would not want to be anywhere else. People rarely say they love coming to work every day, but Dr. Haymore thinks that regularly, especially when he is performing duties as the Pocatello Zoo veterinarian.

Dr. Haymore’s home herd has no exotic animals, so he gets his fill at the zoo. He shares his home with two dogs, three cats, and three horses, since his wife, Haley, keeps his animal numbers at a reasonable level. He and Haley have been married since 2002, and have five children. He thinks she likely married him for his phenomenal cooking skills, especially the perfectly seared steak he grills. Dr. Haymore’s biggest fear is that his wife will leave if he brings home another animal—which almost happened when he brought home their third cat.

Although his wife has put the kibosh on any more animals, Dr. Haymore would love to have more family felines. He is fascinated by these mysterious creatures, from the way they move and act, to how easy they are to own and take care of. In addition to enjoying hanging out with his furry and human family members, Dr. Haymore has a blast hunting and fly fishing. Plus, he’s an ultimate frisbee champ, so don’t bet against him.

Keep an eye on Dr. Haymore, whose goal is to learn new, upcoming veterinary procedures, and to perform hip replacements on dogs, to advance the level of medicine here at Alpine Animal Hospital.


Dr. Lundquist, a large animal specialist here at Alpine Animal Hospital, received his undergraduate degree from Utah State University, his veterinary medicine degree at Purdue University, and then stopped traveling, except to make his way “home” to Pocatello. With ties to northern Utah and southeastern Idaho, he feels truly at home in our community, and has enjoyed the Pocatello kinship.

While growing up, Dr. Lundquist’s work life revolved around a family ranch in Swan Valley, Idaho, a local dairy in Cache Valley, Utah, and a USDA animal research facility near Utah State University. He has always loved working with working animals, livestock, and the people who raise them. Dr. Lundquist bases his veterinary career on his role model, James Herriot, always striving for excellence when treating animals, but also serving their owners.

Outside of the hospital, Dr. Lundquist is still surrounded by animals, with a home full of critters, including a dog, cat, horses, chickens, rabbits, and small children. He wouldn’t trade his life for anything, except perhaps a quiet, solitary mountain river full of hungry trout. Growing berries is also high on his list of alternative careers, but he can’t see himself doing anything else than veterinary medicine.


Scott Higgins, DVM is one of the principals and founders of Alpine Animal Hospital. He is one of East Idaho’s leading and most experienced large animal practitioners.

Hospital Leadership


Sydni grew up wanting to be a veterinarian, and discovered quickly after she began working in the field, she much preferred to be the one being told what to do, rather than the one making decisions. She now enjoys working with our team members, and watching them turn their passion for veterinary medicine into a fulfilling and rewarding career.

Sydni’s dog, Bunsen, is a Bernese Mountain Dog, who is the goofiest dog she’s ever loved. He doesn’t understand the fundamentals of fetch, but is utterly obsessed with any kind of water. He desperately wants every cat that’s ever existed to be his best friend, and has never met a stranger he didn’t immediately love. The UPS driver is his favorite person in the world.

When she’s not at work, Sydni loves to bake, especially complicated, difficult recipes that put her skills to the test. One day she’s going to figure out how to fake UK citizenship so she can be a contestant on the Great British Bakeoff. Until then, she’ll settle for sharing her bakes with her team at Alpine. If she’s not in the kitchen, she enjoys trail riding on a good mountain horse, watching Lord of the Rings over and over again, and playing video games. She’s also a massive baseball fanatic, and though she is a San Francisco Giants fan, she just loves the game, and will watch any team play.


Unlike so many who work in veterinary medicine, this was not Kysha’s first choice of career field. She started as a part time employee to get through college, and decided she wanted to stick around because of the passion of the people who choose to work in this field. She loves watching our team take challenges head on, and to see them become stronger through the challenges they experience.

At home, Kysha has two dogs and one cat. Susie is a shepherd mix who loves digging trenches in her backyard, like she’s looking for buried treasure and Loki is a lab/problem child mix. He has frequent ear infections, and is allergic to the universe itself. Lily is a domestic shorthair cat, with a temper that would make any grown man flinch. Despite their quirks, Kysha loves them all the same.

Kysha loves spending her time outside of the clinic going on adventures with her two daughters and her husband. They’re always on the hunt for mountains to climb, wildlife to find, and wilds to explore, but they can also be talked into sitting down to enjoy a new movie and a bowl of popcorn.


Jodi has dreamt of working in veterinary medicine since she was five years old. She has spent much of her life learning all she can about any animal possible. She has a powerful passion for all kinds of animals. She truly embodies the spirit of “all creatures great and small”. She loves being part of Alpine’s team, and watching them work with all the amazing animals we see each day, as well as witnessing the healing work of the staff and doctors.

Jodi has more animals than she can capture in a brief paragraph, but wanted to mention three particularly special ones she’s had the privilege of loving over her life. Her buckskin mare, Mirage, is the best and most loyal horse she’s ever adventured with. An absolute sweetheart, faster than lightning, and the definition of a broke horse, Jodi’s pretty sure Mirage would climb a tree if she asked her to. She has never failed a job Jodi’s asked her to do. Jodi firmly believes she is a once in a lifetime horse, and could never be replaced. Next is Paisley, her three legged mini Aussie, is chaos wrapped in puffy fluff, with the world’s best smile, and wildest eye. Paisley’s entire life’s purpose is to share her boundless love with every human she’s ever laid eyes on. She’s not loyal to Jodi, but rather all of humanity, and is on a mission to love the world. Then there’s Sage, who passed away in 2021, and Jodi still aches for every day. Sage was a pound puppy with a knack for running away, until he chose Jodi to dedicate his life to. Once he found her, he stopped running away, and ran with her instead. Jodi and Sage did everything a young kid and a loyal dog could ever dream of doing together. Sage taught Jodi more about being a good person than any human she’s ever known. They explored the most beautiful places in the world together, he saved Jodi’s life a few times, and she saved his life a few times in return. They lived a fantastic 13 years together, throughout which he adopted her husband just like he did her, helped her through her bachelor’s degree, and through losing both her parents. Jodi knows she’ll never find a dog quite like Sage ever again.

Jodi’s perfect day off from work consists of a quiet, peaceful morning spent with her husband, Benjamin, followed by a long trail ride in the high country to the ends of the earth on one of her talented horses, with her gritty trail dog, Latigo, (who’s in training to fill Sage’s huge paw prints), finished by an evening with Ben, working on projects together, or simply enjoying the company of their good dogs, and one another.

Care Team


Jess has always enjoyed working with animals, from the time she was tiny. She loves the science behind large animal reproduction, and enjoys working in a hospital that has provided her the opportunity to work with bovine and equine owners who share her passion. Her favorite thing about her job is working with the large animals and their owners. She says every animal and every owner has great stories to tell.

Jess’s dog, Daisi, is the clinic’s unofficial mascot, and gets to come to work with her each day, providing stress relief and love to any who need it. Jess also has three horses; two quarter horses, and a Belgian draft horse. She ropes and trail rides with her quarter horse, and with her Belgian, she shows in driving classes all across the Western United States. Jess also owns a small cow and calf operation out of her home farm.

When she’s not working, Jess enjoys competitive team roping on her trusty mare, Grin, and showing draft horses. If she’s not with her horses, Jess usually can be found in the mountains of Pocatello, camping and spending time with her family. Jess is also an incredible musician, and loves singing and playing music.


Brian loves working in veterinary medicine because he wants to help animals and their people get the care and attention they need and deserve. His favorite thing about his job is seeing an animal come in needing help, and leave our hospital feeling better, and with plans to help them continue improving.

Brian recently moved to Pocatello from Caldwell, and is attending Idaho State University. After his graduation from ISU, he plans to attend vet school to become a mixed animal veterinarian.

At home, Brian collects Nintendo memorabilia and consoles, his favorite being . He also loves playing basketball and pickleball.


Danielle’s passion has always been, and continues to be, all things animals. Ever since she was a little girl, she has wanted to work with animals. This is her dream job. Danielle loves surgery, and gets all her fulfillment seeing the before and after of our surgical patients.

At home, Danielle has four dogs and two cats. Her oldest is a wooly red malamute named Bear, who Danielle credits for bringing her and her significant other together. She also has two huskies, named Meeko and Koa, and an Australian Shepherd named Loki, who was a foster failure. Danielle’s four dogs, along with the cats, Spazzy and Snazzy, keep the whole family on their toes.

Danielle loves spending her time outside of work going hiking, scouting for new, beautiful spots to do her landscape photography. She also loves chasing around her little boy, and can’t wait to get home to him every day.


Kenda is one of our Certified Veterinary Technicians, and has turned her passion for helping animals into a career. She loves everything about dentistry and oral surgery. She finds nothing more satisfying than taking on an animal’s dirty teeth, and turning it into a clean and healthy mouth.

Kenda has two dogs. She rescued Delilah, the definition of a happy lab, during her last year of college. Delilah loves snuggling on the couch with anybody who will sit down with her. Tiki is a rescue puppy Kenda adopted in 2021. She is a ball of energy who is obsessed with tennis balls.

Outside of the clinic, Kenda can be found camping or in any body of water big enough to paddle around on a paddle board.


Kristene grew up with cats, dogs, lizards, salamanders, frogs, hamsters, and many other species of animals. She always knew she wanted to work with animals in some form. She spent several years working as a zookeeper, and from there, her love of animals grew even stronger. Working at Alpine has not only fostered her continued love of animals, but has also given her an appreciation for helping owners. Her favorite thing about work is seeing the joy and appreciation on owners’ faces when she and her team can find a solution to their patient’s problems.

Kristene’s animals are her pride and joy. Ranger is a red heeler who came to her as a rescue. He’s smart, energetic, and incredibly handsome. He loves walks, playing fetch, and snuggling. Storm is a giant schnauzer who she adopted as a rehoming rescue. She is a sweet girl who knows lots of tricks, loves to play, and is full of mischief. Kristene also has two cats. Nero is a black cat who found Kristene as a tiny five week old kitten who had been dumped off at a neighbor’s house with a terrible respiratory infection. After nursing her back to health, Kristene was in love, and decided to keep her. Despite being a stereotypical cat who is fiercely independent and doesn’t need anybody, Kristene loves her. Biscuit was originally a feral cat, who turned into a squishy marshmallow of a housecat who absolutely loves the dogs. He loves to soak in the sun, and lie on anybody’s feet who sits still long enough for him to find.

At home, Kristene finds joy in spending time with her two amazing sons. They keep her on her toes, and she can’t imagine her life without them. She loves to hike, camp, and spend time on the water. She has also developed a passion for repurposing furniture, and can often be spotted at thrift stores and yard sales on the hunt for her next project. She loves taking something old, and turning it into something completely new.


Myah spent her childhood on a ranch with beef cattle and horses. Working with all the animals on the ranch developed her into the person she is today, and gave her the passion to continue into a career in veterinary medicine. Her favorite thing about veterinary medicine is the fact that every day is different and new.

Myah has grown up riding a horse named CD, who is still her trusty steed today. She also has a half draft named Turbo who is the opposite of his name, and is actually very slow. Her dog, Smokey, is a blue heeler, and is the best dog a girl like Myah could need.

When Myah’s not at work, she spends her time riding her horses and working on the ranch shegrew up on. She also enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and basically anything that gets her outdoors. She also loves exploring and traveling to new places.


Hope has always had a soft spot for animals, and has been drawn to wanting to help those who are injured or sick. Her passion for healing has driven her to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. Her favorite thing about working in this field is seeing the results of her and her doctor’s efforts in helping patients recover from injuries or illness. But beyond the patients, she also finds joy in having relationships with clients, and getting to be a small part of the relationship they have with their patients.

Hope has two horses that are full to bursting with love. She also has two spoiled dogs, Hero, a mini aussie/border collie mix, and Potato, a German shepherd. Both of her dogs are her trusty sidekicks, and would follow her to the ends of the earth if she asked them to.

Outside of work, Hope is a certified farrier, and enjoys spending her time trimming and shoeing horses. She spends as much time outdoors as possible, and is happiest with a fishing pole in her hand. She also loves to camp and hunt, and spend time with her family.


Aubryanna chose to work in veterinary medicine because of the passion for animals she’s had since she was young. She has always had a special place in her heart for furry babies, and has found that working with them each day is a dream come true. She is currently working toward her veterinary technician degree, and is so excited to make her passion a fulfilling career, where she can continue aiding techs and doctors in caring for our patients.

Aubryanna has two rescued tabby cats, Hades, a sweet and loving momma’s boy, and Konohamaru, (Kona, for short) who is even sweeter than her brother, and is definitely a daddy’s girl. She also has a crested gecko named Garchomp who has way more attitude than a tiny reptile should be allowed to have. Rounding out her herd is a German shepherd named Zora, who she adopted in 2022.

When Aubryanna’s not at work, she enjoys going to the gym with her father. Her mother is very busy, but whenever they have the opportunity, they love spending time together. Aubryanna’s time is filled with school and work, and taking care of her family. She wouldn’t have it any other way.


For as long as Carrie can remember, she has always wanted to care for animals. When she was in high school, she had the opportunity to shadow at a veterinary clinic, and decided then and there that it was her life calling. She truly loves everything about her job, and claims to have never had a bad day at work. Anytime she’s helping animals, she’s happy.

Carrie’s home is the certified Island of Misfit Pets, and is filled to the brim with rescued animals, who truly needed rescuing. Her pets are usually ones that needed more help than anybody besides Carrie could offer. She has several cats, four dogs, and a few fish just for fun.

At home, Carrie loves spending time outside doing yard work, or spending time with family. She is also a talented artist, and loves to draw and paint with acrylics.


Mya has always wanted to help animals. Working in veterinary medicine has always been a passion, one that she’s been able to develop over time into a joy-filled career. She loves seeing the relief she and her team are able to provide to the patients we see. She never gets tired of seeing a patient who came in sick and in pain, leaving with their tail wagging. Mya is also a talented graphic artist, and is usually the brains behind our client handouts and other educational materials we use at the hospital.

At home, she has three cats, several freshwater fish, a tarantula, a milk snake, and a bearded dragon. Her most recent additions to her animal family are Wasabi the betta fish, and Kilala, a tiny kitten Mya has cared for since she was born.

When Mya’s not working, or taking care of her zoo, she loves crafting projects, reading, and watching Netflix.


Desiree’s passion for animals, and the desire for knowledge drove her to a career in veterinary medicine. She grew up on a large beef ranch, and was hungry for knowledge on how to better care for the animals on her ranch. She loves the people she works with, and getting to see the outcome of the complicated cases as they make their way through the hospital.

Aside from her hundreds of cows, Dez has three horses and three dogs. Hank the cow dog is a blue heeler cross, who is also an orthopedic mess, but despite this, she maintains that bringing him home from the shelter was the best decision she’s ever made. Sadie is a collie mix and is the sweetest pain in the butt, and loves to sing songs along with Dez. Her favorite song is Hell of a Year by Parker McCollom. Her third dog is Whip, a blue heeler with a loving soul, and a strong desire to eat cows. Her favorite thing to do is chase the cows and go on horse rides. Twister, her reservation mustang, is the size of a pony, but has a heart of gold. Scarlett is a war horse and has some serious sentimental value to Desiree. Scarlett is also the reason Dez will never be able to leave Alpine, because she is one expensive horse to take care of. Casino is Scarlett’s foal, and is the naughtiest horse Dez has ever met, which also makes her incredibly lovable.

Outside of work, Dez spends her time on horseback, either on the mountain trails surrounding her home, or tending to her cows at the ranch. She also loves spending time with her family.


Kendra loves animals, and loves being part of their recovery process. As one of our certified veterinary technicians, surgery has become her passion. She loves seeing the transition from a broken or injured patient, to a whole and healthy animal going home with its family. She also enjoys being part of the client experience, and extending comfort and peace during difficult times.

Kendra has two dogs and two cats, a Lab/Australian Shepherd mix named Abbie, and a yellow lab named Sadie. Her cats are litter mates, and are named Lil Boots and Violet.

At home, Kendra loves golfing, and bowling. Ask anybody at our Christmas bowling party, she blows the rest of the team out of the water. She also enjoys hiking, fishing, and spending time with her family.


Becca was originally drawn to veterinary medicine because of the animals, but discovered that her passion also lies with owners, and she loves being part of, and enhancing their relationship with their pets. Her greatest joy is being part of a pet’s life, who is loved so deeply by their family.

Becca has three dogs, three cats, and three horses. Jada is a pitbull mix, and is Becca’s center of gravity. She cannot imagine a life without Jada in it. Her other two dogs and cats light up her life, and she wouldn’t trade them for the world. Her horses developed her sense of responsibility at a young age, and she finds so much joy in them being part of her life.

When Becca’s not working, she can be found in the mountains surrounding Pocatello camping or hiking. She is also a talented artist and photographer, and loves spending her time flexing her creative muscles and building her skills.


Sharon grew up in Nebraska and moved to Idaho to be closer to family. She has always wanted to work in the veterinary field, but it just took her a while to decide where she fit best. She has found her home at Alpine, and even moreso, as a customer service representative. She loves our clients, and enjoys being part of their experience at Alpine.

Aside from her crew of human children, she has two dogs; Fat Dave, and Nim. She also has several kitties, fish, a turtle and hamster. She likes spending her time away from the hospital camping and going on hikes. She also enjoys remodeling her home and working on home projects.


Makayla chose veterinary medicine because she wanted to help people care for their best friends. She loves everything about vet med; her team, the animals, and the interesting cases, but especially the gross parts. Her belief is the oozier, the better.

Makayla’s dog is a loyal rottweiler mix, “A boy named Sue”. He is all happiness and love, and will smile if you yell his name in a high-pitched voice. She also has a beautiful AQHA mare named Blossom, who has carried her over mountains, through rivers, and across many sagebrush fields chasing after cows.

At home, Makayla loves spending time doing anything with her husband, Jonah. They love riding their horses, shooting guns, going fishing, camping, and even enjoy doing the list of never-ending chores around their mini farm.


Abbie is one of our surgery technicians, and has wanted to work in the field of veterinary medicine for her whole life. She has a deep love for animals, and has always wanted to have a part in helping the voiceless get better.

Abbie has two rambunctious Bernese Mountain Dogs named Cleopatra and Lady Godiva. They are constantly getting into trouble, and Abbie loves them all the more for it. She also has a sweet little border collie/heeler mix who she’s sure is the sweetest dog to ever exist. She has a special place in Abbie’s heart. She also has a rescue cat named Oscar, who thinks he’s the boss of the house, mostly just because he wears a fancy bow tie collar.

Outside of work, Abbie loves reading, painting with watercolors, baking, and hiking. But really, she’s up for just about anything as long as she gets to do it with her husband.


Kailey is originally from Alaska, and has had a long standing desire to be a part of veterinary medicine. She has been a self-proclaimed animal enthusiast since she was young, and has dreamt of becoming a veterinarian herself one day. She loves learning new things every day from the doctors and team, and getting to be around the patients every day.

Kailey has two cats, Curty and PigPen, and a border collie named Monroe. Curty is a laid back, roll with the punches girl, and never bats an eye about anything. PigPen (named after the character from peanuts, even though she is a stinky girl) is a busy body. She routinely brings Kailey presents, such as sticks, grasshoppers, earthworms and her all time favorite; squirrels. Monroe is Kailey’s trusty sidekick, always down for any kind of adventure, or catching up on shows on the couch.

Kailey spends her time away from work outside. Hiking, biking, or riding horses. She’s also started to get into rock climbing. When winter sets in, and it’s less fun to be outside, she’ll pick up her hobbies of drawing, leatherworking, and reading.


Kasey has long adored anatomy, physiology and helping animals who are unable to help themselves. Her desire to be that help is what drove her to a career in veterinary medicine, along with her work in wildlife rehabilitation. Kasey loves that each day at Alpine is different than the last, and that there are endless opportunities to learn new things, and see something different and exciting.

Carl, Kasey’s stray Harry Potter cat, chose his house, and now lives in her basement with his own room. Widget, her dog, came from a shelter in Gary, Indiana and has moved three times with Kasey, including across the country. Smokey was the smallest kitten of three litters, loves mischief and sitting on your shoulder.

If Kasey’s not at work, and not working doing wildlife rehabilitation, she enjoys hiking, perusing antique stores, and collecting old science and medical books.


Larissa loves to be around the animals we see each day, and between them, and the team she works with, she’s never been happier.

Larissa grew up in a house with five big dogs, and has since found home with two of her own. She has a plott hound mix named Jules, and a yellow lab named Duke, who she adores. She also has three cats, Tiger, Sparrow, and Max.

At home, Larissa spends most of her time taking her dogs hiking, biking, or to the reservoir on their boat. She loves to be outdoors, and spending time with her family. If she’s inside, she loves painting and drawing, and crafting projects.


Mindy got her start in the human medical field, and after working there for almost 20 years, decided she needed a change. She’s always loved animals, and wanted to try veterinary medicine, and fell immediately in love with the clients and their patients. She loves meeting clients, and developing relationships with them and their patients. She enjoys getting to see the difference that our efforts make in the lives of the pets we see, and the families that love them.

Mindy has a zoo at home; 4 dogs, several fish, and multiple reptiles. She barely has time for hobbies, as taking care of her multitude of pets is a full time job in itself.


Sean followed his mom’s footsteps into veterinary medicine, and developed his own love for animals, and their owners. His favorite thing about work is building relationships with his teammates, and the relationships he’s built with clients and patients.

At home, he has two dogs, Abbie and Sadie. Both are lab mixes, and are full of love. When he’s not at school or at work, he enjoys playing baseball and hanging out with his friends.


Sam has always been a self-proclaimed science nerd, and has found joy in the multiple fields of science within the field of veterinary medicine. As a certified veterinary technician, she loves using her knowledge of science to advocate for animals, and to help heal them. She loves cats, and calls herself a cat lady, but her favorite thing about work is imaging, especially radiology. She loves interpreting x-rays, and learning about the parts of animals we don’t normally see. She has worked closely with Dr. Haymore to get PennHip certified, and has championed that service within our hospital.

At home, Samantha has two cats, an old man named Kitty, who has kidney disease, and loves to bump his head with yours, and Inara, a recent rescue who loves to lay anywhere, including the top of Sam’s head.

When she’s not working, Sam loves being at home, and will never turn down a new TV series or good movie.


Layton started out as a customer service representative, and transitioned into a technician, where she has developed a love to see patients receive the care they deserve. She loves making connections with clients and their pets, and seeing patients leave healthier than when they came in.

Layton has two dogs, Anna, a chiweenie who has the attitude of a 17 year old girl who has no issues sharing her opinion. Baylie is a three-legged lab mix that loves everybody, and is always ready for an adventure.

Away from work, Layton loves spending time with her two dogs, camping or watching movies. She also loves a good spontaneous road trip.


Shanna has always loved animals, and enjoys getting to be a part of helping them live long and healthy lives. Her favorite things about work is a toss up between seeing all the weird and cool cases, and getting to snuggle with all the animals that come through our doors.

Shanna has three cats, Pretty Girl who loves being the little spoon in bed and under the blankets, and Ra and Anubis, brothers who are Maine Coon crosses, and look (and weigh) every bit Maine Coon. Her dog Monkey is a rottweiler mix, who is the sweetest big boy. He spends most of his time sleeping at Shanna’s feet or basking in the sun. She also has an appaloosa gelding named Chief, who has been by Shanna’s side since she was fourteen, and is now taking care of her kids like he did with her when she was young.

Shanna is also a student, pursuing a degree in Integrative Organismal Biology, and is working towards her PhD in Marine Biology. So if she’s not working, at school, or doing homework, she likes to spend her time with her kids at the farm with the horses, or reading a good book.


Ashleigh was originally drawn to veterinary medicine because of her love of animals, but after working in the field, her passion for science is just as strong as her love for the animals. Ashleigh loves being able to treat and care for animals that wouldn’t be able to survive otherwise. She also sees an ill patient’s road to recovery as the sweetest opportunity to be a part of.

Ashleigh grew up caring for all sorts of living creatures, but now her home is filled with several small dogs that brighten up anyone’s day, and are the best part of Ashleigh’s life.

Away from the hospital, Ashleigh spends as much time as she can outside. She can usually be found high in the hills, at the river, or just outside in the backyard. She loves being active, and spending time with her loved ones.


Brandi loves medicine, and she loves animals, so she figured a career in veterinary medicine just made sense. She loves getting the opportunity to learn new things every day, and always looks forward to new experiences.

Brandi has three dogs, Anubis, Bandit and Broncho, as well as two cats; Chloe and Bagheera. She also has a rabbit named Hagrid and a turtle named April O’Neil.

When Brandi’s not at work, she’s spending her time being a mom to her five wonderful kids. Drake, Brooklyn, Doltton, Bella and Brantley.


Amanda’s love for animals, and passion to learn about them and how to care for them is what drew her to veterinary medicine. She loves learning about each patient, and being part of the team to provide their care.

She has several dogs and several horses, and a smattering of cats thrown in for good measure. She likes to spend her time riding and training horses.


Animals have always been a huge part of Lily’s life, and have always been incredibly meaningful to her, so a career in veterinary medicine made complete sense. She has made some great friends during her time at Alpine, and loves the experiences she has with patients and their families.

Lily has four dogs, a cat, and ten horses. All of them have such different personalities and all hold such a special place in Lily’s heart.

At home, Lily loves playing on her violin with her best friend, taking care of her horses, and making beaded hat bands and jewelry. Lily is also the FFA district vice president of the South Upper Snake River region of Idaho. She enjoys meeting other FFA members from all over the state and country, and getting to compete in competitions and host events.


Liberty has always wanted to work with animals, and has worked in almost every animal-related field, from boarding, grooming, but she has now found her home in veterinary medicine. Liberty takes great pride in making a difference in the experiences our clients and patients have. She knows going to the vet isn’t always fun, for both pet and owner, and loves doing the most to make that visit as happy as possible.

In addition to several furry family members, Liberty has a collection of tarantulas and amphibians. She has a dog with epilepsy named Olive, and a cat with feline asthma named Grover. Her largest tarantula is a Pinkfoot Goliath who measures 9 inches across.

Outside of work, Liberty loves building bioactive enclosures for all her critters. She also loves reading, and is a proud plant mom.


Sarah has always had a passion for helping and caring for animals. Her favorite thing is being a voice for our patients, who can’t speak for themselves. She loves seeing an anxious, unsocialized pet blossom into a happy, outgoing social butterfly who loves everyone.

Sarah has a dog named Dax who she adopted in high school, and has been by her side through every stage of her life. She also has two cats, a calico named Sox, and an orange tabby named Chester.

Sarah loves staying busy with her kids, who have no problem keeping her busy! When the weather is nice, they spend as much time as possible outside, even if it’s just in the backyard, hanging out. They love to explore new places, and discover new things together.


Victoria’s love of animals and science drove her to the field of veterinary medicine. She loves her patients, and is always working to increase her knowledge to deliver the highest level of medicine. While her skills and expertise as a technician are irreplaceable, her most valuable ability is being able to reach even the highest shelves in the clinic, which makes her a hero to all her coworkers.

At home, Victoria has a blue heeler named Alonso, and a fuzzy orange tabby cat named Pepe. She loves spending time with her animals and her husband, whether that’s curled up on the couch playing video games, or on a long road trip across the country.


Bekah has always loved working with animals, and loves the wide array of species she gets to see each day at Alpine. She loves learning about each species’ needs, and then helping educate owners on how best to care for their beloved animals. She loves developing relationships with our clients, and partnering with them to give the best care possible to their furry, hairy, or scaly babies.

At home, Bekah has a litany of species herself. She has two dogs; a Shih Tzu named Gizmo, and a Mini Aussie-doodle named Charlie, a cat named Jinxy, and a guinea pig named Finn. She and her husband are still holding out against the kids, who desperately want to add a snake and a bearded dragon to their collection of pets.

When Bekah’s not working, she’s spending time with her four kids and her husband. Together, they love spending time outdoors; hunting, camping, and horseback riding. Bekah loves watching her kids do what they enjoy, and spends a lot of time supporting them in their endeavors. If she’s with her family, she’s happy!