6 Tips to Add Years to Your Pet’s Life

The average lifespan of most pets is about 10 to 15 years, and you want to enjoy them in your life for as long as possible. While certain genetic factors that influence their life expectancy can’t be changed, how you care for your pet can make a difference in how long they live. Our team [...]

A Holiday Gift Guide for Very Good Pets (They’re All Good)

If your pet earned a spot on the nice list this year—spoiler alert, every pet makes the list—you want them to know what a good boy or girl they’ve been all year long. What better way to show them than with the perfect pet-friendly holiday gift? Deciding what to get the best pet in the [...]

How to Care for Your Senior Pet

Senior pets routinely suffer from a wide range of age-related health conditions, but you can help them age with grace. Read the following stories about senior pets and their medical issues, and learn how their owners helped resolve their problems. Marmalade the cat’s litter box problems Marmalade is a gorgeous, longhaired, tortoiseshell cat who is [...]

Bone Up on Pet-Safe Halloween Treats

Your dog watches you with pleading eyes as you tear open your third—or is it fourth?—Halloween candy. They do not understand that chocolate and many other common candy ingredients are dangerous for pets. They simply know that you never share many of the treats. Halloween can be a confusing time for pets, because they are [...]

Do’s and Don’ts to Help Manage Your Pet’s Separation Anxiety

Dogs and cats are social animals, and they see you as their family unit. Some pets learn to accept being left alone, but others develop separation anxiety, a disorder that manifests as panic-like behavior. This issue can be extremely disturbing for your pet, and can create household upheaval. Our team at Alpine Animal Hospital would [...]

10 Quirky Cat Behaviors Clarified

Your cat is sometimes a cuddly sweetheart, sometimes a pesky brat, and sometimes a confusing conundrum. Are they mysterious, weird, or only misunderstood? Our team at Alpine Animal Hospital wants to explain some of your cat’s quirky behaviors. #1: Why do cats try to trip their owners? You may think your cat has murderous intentions [...]

The Summer (Pet) Games—Indoor Fun to Beat the Heat

Is your pet suffering from summer boredom? Is it too hot to safely exercise your dog outside?  Good news! The Summer Pet Games, sponsored by Alpine Animal Hospital and hosted in your own home, are about to start. They will bust your pet’s boredom, and keep them cool, safe, and satisfied this summer. The following [...]

7 Mystifying Dog Behaviors Explained

If you have ever spent any time watching dogs’ antics, you probably have been curious about the reasons they exhibit such strange behaviors. Many of their habits are confusing to humans, but they are actually understandable once you know the reasons. The Alpine Animal Hospital team decided to clarify the reasons behind seven of these [...]

5 Ways to Protect Your Pet from Local Wildlife

As rural areas become urbanized, wildlife are forced out of their habitat, leaving, unfortunately, too little space for bear, coyote, and wild cat populations to find a new home. That forces the wildlife to share territory with family pets. Wildlife and cats and dogs are not a good mix, especially for pets, but with proper [...]

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