4 Puppy Problem Behaviors and How to Prevent Them

The first few months with a new puppy are magical, exciting, and filled with love—and also exhausting, stressful, and uncertain. If you’ve recently added a puppy to your family,  and you are finding yourself asking, “What have I gotten myself into?”, rest assured that you are not alone. You are more than capable of raising [...]

Back-to-School Pet Prep FAQs

The lazy days of summer are almost over, and suddenly your pet is about to be all alone in a quiet house without their favorite humans. As you and your family prepare to head back to school and work, remember that the new routine and more time alone can be hard on your pet. Our [...]

9 Simple Strategies for Preventing Pet Emergencies

Life with pets can be unpredictable, and while our Alpine Animal Hospital team is available for all your pet’s unexpected emergencies, injuries, and illnesses, we prefer to see your pet for routine wellness care. And we know you prefer that, too. So, while we cannot control the future, we can provide nine simple strategies to [...]

Stress-Free Travel With Pets

If you’re one of the many families who plan to travel and can’t imagine leaving their pet behind, you may be wondering how best to ensure a stress-free trip. Traveling with a pet can be fun and memorable, but planning and preparation are required. Our team at Alpine Animal Hospital answers common questions about traveling [...]

5 Tips for a Successful Pet Adoption

Congratulations on deciding to adopt a new pet. Have you carefully planned and prepared to welcome the new family member? Our team at Alpine Animal Hospital wants to ensure your pet adoption is successful by offering these thought-provoking tips.  #1: Find the right pet for your family Pets come in all sizes and temperaments, with [...]

Heartworm Disease and Prevention 101

April is Heartworm Prevention Month, but heartworm prevention is a year-round job for pet owners. Your pets count on you to protect them, and you need to know about heartworm disease to help keep them safe from this deadly condition. Our Alpine Animal Hospital team is here to answer six common questions about heartworm disease, [...]

Decoding Your Pet’s Blood Work

Your pet’s blood work provides valuable insight into their overall health and wellbeing. This testing is not only helpful in determining the cause of a current illness, but can also be instrumental in detecting subtle changes long before they appear as visible disease—making treatment simpler, more successful, and more affordable. What are all these numbers [...]

From Pre-Meds to Polishing: Your Pet’s Professional Dental Cleaning

"I was nervous about my cat's dental cleaning, because general anesthesia is involved. But, I could tell her mouth was sore, and the veterinarian said she really needed the surgery. When I picked her up after her procedure, she was purring and happy. Our cranky girl is gone—she seems like a different cat!"   —Anonymous [...]

6 Tips to Add Years to Your Pet’s Life

The average lifespan of most pets is about 10 to 15 years, and you want to enjoy them in your life for as long as possible. While certain genetic factors that influence their life expectancy can’t be changed, how you care for your pet can make a difference in how long they live. Our team [...]

A Holiday Gift Guide for Very Good Pets (They’re All Good)

If your pet earned a spot on the nice list this year—spoiler alert, every pet makes the list—you want them to know what a good boy or girl they’ve been all year long. What better way to show them than with the perfect pet-friendly holiday gift? Deciding what to get the best pet in the [...]

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