You’re likely familiar with Alpine Animal Hospital’s veterinarians, and you may admit your pet has a favorite. And, while you know our veterinarians are experts at healing your pet and preventing life-threatening disease, you may not know much about the person behind the stethoscope. We’d like to share why our veterinarians do what they do. We invite you to meet our Alpine Animal Hospital veterinarians and learn more about our team leaders.

Dr. Seth Lundquist, James Herriot fan

Dr. Lundquist, a large animal specialist here at Alpine Animal Hospital, received his undergraduate degree from Utah State University, his veterinary medicine degree at Purdue University, and then stopped traveling, except to make his way “home” to Pocatello. With ties to northern Utah and southeastern Idaho, he feels truly at home in our community, and has enjoyed the Pocatello kinship.

While growing up, Dr. Lundquist’s work life revolved around a family ranch in Swan Valley, Idaho, a local dairy in Cache Valley, Utah, and a USDA animal research facility near Utah State University. He has always loved working with working animals, livestock, and the people who raise them. Dr. Lundquist bases his veterinary career on his role model, James Herriot, always striving for excellence when treating animals, but also serving their owners. 

Outside of the hospital, Dr. Lundquist is still surrounded by animals, with a home full of critters, including a dog, cat, horses, chickens, rabbits, and small children. He wouldn’t trade his life for anything, except perhaps a quiet, solitary mountain river full of hungry trout. Growing berries is also high on his list of alternative careers, but he can’t see himself doing anything else than veterinary medicine.

Dr. Michael Long, avid fisherman

Dr. Long is Alpine Animal Hospital’s medical director and has been part of the team since 2018, although his veterinary medicine journey began long ago. He grew up with a deep love for animals, and his poor parents were continuously surprised with a smuggled addition to the growing herd. While working for a veterinarian at age 16, Dr. Long became convinced he could make the most difference in animals’ lives through practicing veterinary medicine. Guided by many mentors, he now believes he has found the perfect place in veterinary medicine. He joined Alpine Animal Hospital straight out of school, and by working hard, adhering to the best medicine, and creating a bond with clients and patients, Dr. Long found his home.

At home, Dr. Long has a herd of five—two dogs and three cats. His wife, a pharmacy technician at Portneuf Medical Center, has been his rock through several states for education, hard days, harder cases, and sleepless on-call nights. He chalks up his success to his wife’s unwavering support.  

Like Dr. Lundquist, Dr. Long is an avid fisherman, with being out-fished by his father his biggest fear. His other passion is singing, despite not always being the best—our veterinary technicians who get stuck doing a Cesarean section at 3 a.m. with Dr. Long will tell you earplugs are a necessity. 

Alpine Animal Hospital is fortunate to have Dr. Long, who is an excellent veterinarian with tremendous plans for the hospital, including expanding the number of next-level medical services we provide, continuing to grow, and providing more top-of-the-line medicine. 

Dr. Steven Haymore, zoo veterinarian

Dr. Haymore didn’t fall in love with veterinary medicine until after he had graduated from college and was considering human medicine. Growing up, he was his family’s animal person, and raised racing and show pigeons, gerbils, and different lizards. After settling into Alpine Animal Hospital in 2010, he realized he would not want to be anywhere else. People rarely say they love coming to work every day, but Dr. Haymore thinks that regularly, especially when he is performing duties as the Pocatello Zoo veterinarian.

Dr. Haymore’s home herd has no exotic animals, so he gets his fill at the zoo. He shares his home with two dogs, three cats, and three horses, since his wife, Haley, keeps his animal numbers at a reasonable level. He and Haley have been married since 2002, and have five children. He thinks she likely married him for his phenomenal cooking skills, especially the perfectly seared steak he grills. Dr. Haymore’s biggest fear is that his wife will leave if he brings home another animal—which almost happened when he brought home their third cat. 

Although his wife has put the kibosh on any more animals, Dr. Haymore would love to have more family felines. He is fascinated by these mysterious creatures, from the way they move and act, to how easy they are to own and take care of. In addition to enjoying hanging out with his furry and human family members, Dr. Haymore has a blast hunting and fly fishing. Plus, he’s an ultimate frisbee champ, so don’t bet against him. 

Keep an eye on Dr. Haymore, whose goal is to learn new, upcoming veterinary procedures, and to perform hip replacements on dogs, to advance the level of medicine here at Alpine Animal Hospital

Dr. Shelley Knight, horse lover

Associate veterinarian Dr. Knight is originally from Ten Sleep, Wyoming, where she grew up on a ranch with beef cattle and horses. From the time she was young, she knew she wanted to work with animals, and a veterinarian seemed the perfect fit. 

After working in the area for several years, Dr. Knight knew of Alpine Animal Hospital’s great reputation as a mixed animal practice with amazing staff, and was drawn to an open position. She loves the people and pets she works with every day, and delights in seeing the community’s love for their furry friends. Her real passion in veterinary medicine is equine reproduction, so she can continue to facilitate opportunities for horse lovers to grow their operations. 

At home, Dr. Knight pays tribute to her roots with a pair of cows, “The Bacon Sisters,” three ranch horses, and a cat. Her husband, Kris, is her biggest supporter and steadfast companion on many adventures, as her six siblings are scattered throughout the west. She hopes to visit the Galapagos Islands to see the unique flora and fauna, and to enjoy some scuba diving, in which she is certified. 

Dr. Knight’s five-year goal is to continue to grow her skills, especially with cattle and horses, to better serve the community. She is also working on her small animal orthopedic skills to become a more well-rounded veterinarian. 

Now you’ve had an inside look at Alpine Animal Hospital’s veterinarians, you know you can rest assured your furry pal is in excellent hands. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.