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The Summer (Pet) Games—Indoor Fun to Beat the Heat

Is your pet suffering from summer boredom? Is it too hot to safely exercise your dog outside?  Good news! The Summer Pet Games, sponsored by Alpine Animal Hospital and hosted in your own home, are about to start. They will bust your pet’s boredom, and keep them cool, safe, and satisfied this summer. The following [...]

7 Mystifying Dog Behaviors Explained

If you have ever spent any time watching dogs’ antics, you probably have been curious about the reasons they exhibit such strange behaviors. Many of their habits are confusing to humans, but they are actually understandable once you know the reasons. The Alpine Animal Hospital team decided to clarify the reasons behind seven of these [...]

5 Ways to Protect Your Pet from Local Wildlife

As rural areas become urbanized, wildlife are forced out of their habitat, leaving, unfortunately, too little space for bear, coyote, and wild cat populations to find a new home. That forces the wildlife to share territory with family pets. Wildlife and cats and dogs are not a good mix, especially for pets, but with proper [...]

Taking a Deep Breath: Canine Infectious Respiratory Diseases

Canine infectious respiratory diseases are a common, often-misunderstood group of conditions. If your dog has been coughing, you may have wondered if they could catch a cold. The short answer is, “Yes,” although dogs don’t catch the same kind of cold viruses as humans. Many times a dog’s illness is short and subclinical, but canine [...]

Three Steps to Protect Your Pet’s Smile

Most pets may not smile like a Cheshire cat, but although you don’t see their teeth, they are still important. “Flip the lip” to look at your pet's teeth—what you see may shock you. If you see less-than-perfect brownish teeth, your pet is not alone, because 85% of pets have some form of dental disease [...]

Meet the Alpine Animal Hospital Team

Most of our support staff are hometown Idahoans, but others come from Texas and California. No matter where they came from, all of them have different, interesting backgrounds. We are so lucky to call this group of people our professional family. Here are a few fun facts about each member, including how they made their [...]

Helping Your Senior Pet Age with Grace

Remember the early days when your pet was full of mischief? Life becomes calmer as they mellow over time, and your bond grows deeper and stronger. However, your pet’s senior phase can bring new concerns about their health.  Senior pets tend to have health problems similar to senior humans, but aren’t as good at talking [...]

A Healing Hand: Spotlight on Alpine Animal Hospital’s Veterinarians

You’re likely familiar with Alpine Animal Hospital’s veterinarians, and you may admit your pet has a favorite. And, while you know our veterinarians are experts at healing your pet and preventing life-threatening disease, you may not know much about the person behind the stethoscope. We’d like to share why our veterinarians do what they do. [...]

Changing Veterinary Visits Woes from Frightening to Fear-Free

Have you ever wondered what your dog does all day while you’re at work? We’ll let you in on a secret—they watch a doggy daytime television show called Dogtor Phil. The show airs in canine language, so we had to use our animal communication skills to decipher the latest episode, which covered a topic near [...]