If your pet earned a spot on the nice list this year—spoiler alert, every pet makes the list—you want them to know what a good boy or girl they’ve been all year long. What better way to show them than with the perfect pet-friendly holiday gift? Deciding what to get the best pet in the world—spoiler alert, every pet is the best pet—can feel as challenging as untangling the tree lights. But, not to worry, because the Alpine Animal Hospital team is here to help you find exactly the right gift. Here are seven holiday gifts your pet will love! 

#1: A luxurious pet bed for ultimate comfort

You know that a comfortable bed is important for your relaxing night’s sleep, and the same is true for your pet. Upgrade your pet to an orthopedic bed, to improve their quality of sleep and overall health. Throw in a heating pad for those extra chilly nights, and watch your pet nestle in for the best winter nap they’ve ever had. 

#2: A stylish sweater or jacket to keep out the cold

Like people, pets can get cold in chilly weather. While some breeds with thick, insulating coats—think huskies and malamutes—may be fine in the cold, short-haired and petite pets can benefit from some extra layers of warmth. Keep your pet warm with a cozy pet sweater or jacket. Use the following guidelines to choose the right one for your pet:

  • Size — Before selecting a sweater or jacket, measure your pet’s neck and chest circumference, and their body length. Compare these measurements to the size guide on a potential garment’s label to ensure the right fit for your pet’s body type. A sweater or jacket should fit snugly, but not be too tight or restrictive. 
  • Material — Choose a soft material that is also easy to clean. Fleece or acrylic wool blends will provide plenty of warmth for your pet. 
  • Style — Look for a style that’s easy to get on and off, and is free of adornments that your pet could chew off and choke on. 

#3: Tasty pet treats they’ll drool over

If you want to spoil your pet, you can’t go wrong with a delicious treat. Fill a festive gift bag with your pet’s favorite treats, and let them sniff out their present under the tree. Keep your pet’s gift bag stored away until the last minute, or they may gobble up all the treats in advance. 

#4: Pet toys to bust the boredom

Keep your pet’s mind sharp with a puzzle feeder, toy puzzle, or other enrichment toys. The best enrichment toys allow your pet to embrace their instinctual behaviors, such as chasing, sniffing, scavenging, and chewing. 

#5: Silicone pet tags that don’t make a sound

This one’s a gift for you, too, because you won’t have to listen to your pet’s metal tags jingling all day. Your pet will also appreciate the reduced noise from a silicone tag. Silicone or not, your pet’s identification tags should be current and securely fastened to their collar. Identification tags combined with a microchip can help you get your pet home safely and quickly if they ever get lost. 

#6: Pet dental chews for a winning smile

Dental disease is one of the most commonly diagnosed conditions in pets. Give your pet the gift of dental health by brushing their teeth regularly, and rewarding them with delicious dental chew treats that help reduce plaque and tartar and lower their risk of dental disease. 

#7: Veterinary care for a lifetime of love

The best gift you can give your pet—at the holidays or any time of year—is the gift of good health. Ensure your pet has regular wellness exams, and that they stay up to date on vaccinations, heartworm preventives, and parasite control. 

Our team is here to take care of all your pet’s needs, and help them stay happy and healthy throughout their life. When you bring your pet to Alpine Animal Hospital for veterinary services, you know you’ll be working with trained professionals who love and care about animals every bit as much as you do. Contact us to schedule a convenient time for your pet’s next appointment, and let us give you and your pet the gift of outstanding veterinary care.