Dr. Lundquist, a large animal specialist here at Alpine Animal Hospital, received his undergraduate degree from Utah State University, his veterinary medicine degree at Purdue University, and then stopped traveling, except to make his way “home” to Pocatello. With ties to northern Utah and southeastern Idaho, he feels truly at home in our community, and has enjoyed the Pocatello kinship.

While growing up, Dr. Lundquist’s work life revolved around a family ranch in Swan Valley, Idaho, a local dairy in Cache Valley, Utah, and a USDA animal research facility near Utah State University. He has always loved working with working animals, livestock, and the people who raise them. Dr. Lundquist bases his veterinary career on his role model, James Herriot, always striving for excellence when treating animals, but also serving their owners.

Outside of the hospital, Dr. Lundquist is still surrounded by animals, with a home full of critters, including a dog, cat, horses, chickens, rabbits, and small children. He wouldn’t trade his life for anything, except perhaps a quiet, solitary mountain river full of hungry trout. Growing berries is also high on his list of alternative careers, but he can’t see himself doing anything else than veterinary medicine.