Sam has always been a self-proclaimed science nerd, and has found joy in the multiple fields of science within the field of veterinary medicine. As a certified veterinary technician, she loves using her knowledge of science to advocate for animals, and to help heal them. She loves cats, and calls herself a cat lady, but her favorite thing about work is imaging, especially radiology. She loves interpreting x-rays, and learning about the parts of animals we don’t normally see. She has worked closely with Dr. Haymore to get PennHip certified, and has championed that service within our hospital.

At home, Samantha has two cats, an old man named Kitty, who has kidney disease, and loves to bump his head with yours, and Inara, a recent rescue who loves to lay anywhere, including the top of Sam’s head.

When she’s not working, Sam loves being at home, and will never turn down a new TV series or good movie.