Aubryanna chose to work in veterinary medicine because of the passion for animals she’s had since she was young. She has always had a special place in her heart for furry babies, and has found that working with them each day is a dream come true. She is currently working toward her veterinary technician degree, and is so excited to make her passion a fulfilling career, where she can continue aiding techs and doctors in caring for our patients.

Aubryanna has two rescued tabby cats, Hades, a sweet and loving momma’s boy, and Konohamaru, (Kona, for short) who is even sweeter than her brother, and is definitely a daddy’s girl. She also has a crested gecko named Garchomp who has way more attitude than a tiny reptile should be allowed to have. Rounding out her herd is a German shepherd named Zora, who she adopted in 2022.

When Aubryanna’s not at work, she enjoys going to the gym with her father. Her mother is very busy, but whenever they have the opportunity, they love spending time together. Aubryanna’s time is filled with school and work, and taking care of her family. She wouldn’t have it any other way.