Dr. Haymore didn’t fall in love with veterinary medicine until after he had graduated from college and was considering human medicine. Growing up, he was his family’s animal person, and raised racing and show pigeons, gerbils, and different lizards. After settling into Alpine Animal Hospital in 2010, he realized he would not want to be anywhere else. People rarely say they love coming to work every day, but Dr. Haymore thinks that regularly, especially when he is performing duties as the Pocatello Zoo veterinarian.

Dr. Haymore’s home herd has no exotic animals, so he gets his fill at the zoo. He shares his home with two dogs, three cats, and three horses, since his wife, Haley, keeps his animal numbers at a reasonable level. He and Haley have been married since 2002, and have five children. He thinks she likely married him for his phenomenal cooking skills, especially the perfectly seared steak he grills. Dr. Haymore’s biggest fear is that his wife will leave if he brings home another animal—which almost happened when he brought home their third cat.

Although his wife has put the kibosh on any more animals, Dr. Haymore would love to have more family felines. He is fascinated by these mysterious creatures, from the way they move and act, to how easy they are to own and take care of. In addition to enjoying hanging out with his furry and human family members, Dr. Haymore has a blast hunting and fly fishing. Plus, he’s an ultimate frisbee champ, so don’t bet against him.

Keep an eye on Dr. Haymore, whose goal is to learn new, upcoming veterinary procedures, and to perform hip replacements on dogs, to advance the level of medicine here at Alpine Animal Hospital.