Dr. Long is Alpine Animal Hospital’s medical director and has been part of the team since 2018, although his veterinary medicine journey began long ago. He grew up with a deep love for animals, and his poor parents were continuously surprised with a smuggled addition to the growing herd. While working for a veterinarian at age 16, Dr. Long became convinced he could make the most difference in animals’ lives through practicing veterinary medicine. Guided by many mentors, he now believes he has found the perfect place in veterinary medicine. He joined Alpine Animal Hospital straight out of school, and by working hard, adhering to the best medicine, and creating a bond with clients and patients, Dr. Long found his home.

At home, Dr. Long has a herd of five—two dogs and three cats. His wife, a pharmacy technician at Portneuf Medical Center, has been his rock through several states for education, hard days, harder cases, and sleepless on-call nights. He chalks up his success to his wife’s unwavering support.

Like Dr. Lundquist, Dr. Long is an avid fisherman, with being out-fished by his father his biggest fear. His other passion is singing, despite not always being the best—our veterinary technicians who get stuck doing a Cesarean section at 3 a.m. with Dr. Long will tell you earplugs are a necessity.

Alpine Animal Hospital is fortunate to have Dr. Long, who is an excellent veterinarian with tremendous plans for the hospital, including expanding the number of next-level medical services we provide, continuing to grow, and providing more top-of-the-line medicine.