Unlike so many who work in veterinary medicine, this was not Kysha’s first choice of career field. She started as a part time employee to get through college, and decided she wanted to stick around because of the passion of the people who choose to work in this field. She loves watching our team take challenges head on, and to see them become stronger through the challenges they experience.

At home, Kysha has two dogs and one cat. Susie is a shepherd mix who loves digging trenches in her backyard, like she’s looking for buried treasure and Loki is a lab/problem child mix. He has frequent ear infections, and is allergic to the universe itself. Lily is a domestic shorthair cat, with a temper that would make any grown man flinch. Despite their quirks, Kysha loves them all the same.

Kysha loves spending her time outside of the clinic going on adventures with her two daughters and her husband. They’re always on the hunt for mountains to climb, wildlife to find, and wilds to explore, but they can also be talked into sitting down to enjoy a new movie and a bowl of popcorn.