Shanna has always loved animals, and enjoys getting to be a part of helping them live long and healthy lives. Her favorite things about work is a toss up between seeing all the weird and cool cases, and getting to snuggle with all the animals that come through our doors.

Shanna has three cats, Pretty Girl who loves being the little spoon in bed and under the blankets, and Ra and Anubis, brothers who are Maine Coon crosses, and look (and weigh) every bit Maine Coon. Her dog Monkey is a rottweiler mix, who is the sweetest big boy. He spends most of his time sleeping at Shanna’s feet or basking in the sun. She also has an appaloosa gelding named Chief, who has been by Shanna’s side since she was fourteen, and is now taking care of her kids like he did with her when she was young.

Shanna is also a student, pursuing a degree in Integrative Organismal Biology, and is working towards her PhD in Marine Biology. So if she’s not working, at school, or doing homework, she likes to spend her time with her kids at the farm with the horses, or reading a good book.