Taylor’s passion for animals has been her driving force for as long as she can remember. When she was a kid and she discovered people made careers out of making animals feel better, she never looked back. She loves veterinary medicine because each day and each patient is so different. She is constantly learning, and is always looking for new areas to get educated in. She also loves the fact that she’s surrounded by animals every day.

Taylor’s heart has been completely captured by her cat, Wendy, or her little Wendy Bird, as she’s affectionately known. Wendy traveled with Taylor from California, and has been Taylor’s solace and comfort in her worst times, and her loving companion during her best times. Wendy meets Taylor at the door every day after work and demands her immediate attention. She wants to snuggle anytime Taylor sits still long enough for her to get comfortable on her lap. If Taylor is away, and has to board Wendy, she’ll pick her up, no matter what time it is. Home just doesn’t feel right if Wendy’s not there. And even though Wendy is more likely to greet anyone coming in than to protect her, Taylor still feels safer with her snuggled under the blankets with her. Wendy means the world to Taylor, and she sits firmly in a special place in Taylor’s heart, that no other pet or person will ever be able to fill.

Taylor is a voracious reader, and is on a mission to cultivate her own library. To be considered an official library, the requirement is to have a thousand books, and Taylor is half way there. She is constantly recommending books to the rest of the team, and has yet to steer anybody wrong.