Kailey is originally from Alaska, and has had a long standing desire to be a part of veterinary medicine. She has been a self-proclaimed animal enthusiast since she was young, and has dreamt of becoming a veterinarian herself one day. She loves learning new things every day from the doctors and team, and getting to be around the patients every day.

Kailey has two cats, Curty and PigPen, and a border collie named Monroe. Curty is a laid back, roll with the punches girl, and never bats an eye about anything. PigPen (named after the character from peanuts, even though she is a stinky girl) is a busy body. She routinely brings Kailey presents, such as sticks, grasshoppers, earthworms and her all time favorite; squirrels. Monroe is Kailey’s trusty sidekick, always down for any kind of adventure, or catching up on shows on the couch.

Kailey spends her time away from work outside. Hiking, biking, or riding horses. She’s also started to get into rock climbing. When winter sets in, and it’s less fun to be outside, she’ll pick up her hobbies of drawing, leatherworking, and reading.