Jodi has dreamt of working in veterinary medicine since she was five years old. She has spent much of her life learning all she can about any animal possible. She has a powerful passion for all kinds of animals. She truly embodies the spirit of “all creatures great and small”. She loves being part of Alpine’s team, and watching them work with all the amazing animals we see each day, as well as witnessing the healing work of the staff and doctors.

Jodi has more animals than she can capture in a brief paragraph, but wanted to mention three particularly special ones she’s had the privilege of loving over her life. Her buckskin mare, Mirage, is the best and most loyal horse she’s ever adventured with. An absolute sweetheart, faster than lightning, and the definition of a broke horse, Jodi’s pretty sure Mirage would climb a tree if she asked her to. She has never failed a job Jodi’s asked her to do. Jodi firmly believes she is a once in a lifetime horse, and could never be replaced. Next is Paisley, her three legged mini Aussie, is chaos wrapped in puffy fluff, with the world’s best smile, and wildest eye. Paisley’s entire life’s purpose is to share her boundless love with every human she’s ever laid eyes on. She’s not loyal to Jodi, but rather all of humanity, and is on a mission to love the world. Then there’s Sage, who passed away in 2021, and Jodi still aches for every day. Sage was a pound puppy with a knack for running away, until he chose Jodi to dedicate his life to. Once he found her, he stopped running away, and ran with her instead. Jodi and Sage did everything a young kid and a loyal dog could ever dream of doing together. Sage taught Jodi more about being a good person than any human she’s ever known. They explored the most beautiful places in the world together, he saved Jodi’s life a few times, and she saved his life a few times in return. They lived a fantastic 13 years together, throughout which he adopted her husband just like he did her, helped her through her bachelor’s degree, and through losing both her parents. Jodi knows she’ll never find a dog quite like Sage ever again.

Jodi’s perfect day off from work consists of a quiet, peaceful morning spent with her husband, Benjamin, followed by a long trail ride in the high country to the ends of the earth on one of her talented horses, with her gritty trail dog, Latigo, (who’s in training to fill Sage’s huge paw prints), finished by an evening with Ben, working on projects together, or simply enjoying the company of their good dogs, and one another.