Desiree’s passion for animals, and the desire for knowledge drove her to a career in veterinary medicine. She grew up on a large beef ranch, and was hungry for knowledge on how to better care for the animals on her ranch. She loves the people she works with, and getting to see the outcome of the complicated cases as they make their way through the hospital.

Aside from her hundreds of cows, Dez has three horses and three dogs. Hank the cow dog is a blue heeler cross, who is also an orthopedic mess, but despite this, she maintains that bringing him home from the shelter was the best decision she’s ever made. Sadie is a collie mix and is the sweetest pain in the butt, and loves to sing songs along with Dez. Her favorite song is Hell of a Year by Parker McCollom. Her third dog is Whip, a blue heeler with a loving soul, and a strong desire to eat cows. Her favorite thing to do is chase the cows and go on horse rides. Twister, her reservation mustang, is the size of a pony, but has a heart of gold. Scarlett is a war horse and has some serious sentimental value to Desiree. Scarlett is also the reason Dez will never be able to leave Alpine, because she is one expensive horse to take care of. Casino is Scarlett’s foal, and is the naughtiest horse Dez has ever met, which also makes her incredibly lovable.

Outside of work, Dez spends her time on horseback, either on the mountain trails surrounding her home, or tending to her cows at the ranch. She also loves spending time with her family.