Abbie is one of our surgery technicians, and has wanted to work in the field of veterinary medicine for her whole life. She has a deep love for animals, and has always wanted to have a part in helping the voiceless get better.

Abbie has two rambunctious Bernese Mountain Dogs named Cleopatra and Lady Godiva. They are constantly getting into trouble, and Abbie loves them all the more for it. She also has a sweet little border collie/heeler mix who she’s sure is the sweetest dog to ever exist. She has a special place in Abbie’s heart. She also has a rescue cat named Oscar, who thinks he’s the boss of the house, mostly just because he wears a fancy bow tie collar.

Outside of work, Abbie loves reading, painting with watercolors, baking, and hiking. But really, she’s up for just about anything as long as she gets to do it with her husband.